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We print photos

Fine ART

with professional plotter


Cleaning the sensors

We check your camera sensor for free.

If you need cleaning the cost is fr 65,-

Discounts for professional photographers.

DVD transfers

Do you want to know how to rip your old films to DVD? Trust FotoCarpi.

We offer you a professional service for the digital transfer of films in the formats VHS, Mini DV, HI8, Video8, Super VHS, SUPER 8 onto DVD. We also digitize your old negatives or slides onto DVD.


Transferring your videos to DVD allows you to keep your memories safe, using a medium that can be played on a daily basis, which allows for superior quality and greater fidelity than reality.

Furthermore, DVD, being a digital medium, does not deteriorate following use like the old magnetic media used to record your videos.

Your films transferred onto DVD will also be considerably more practical to archive and preserve, saving space and time in finding what you are looking for. FotoCarpi guarantees you the utmost seriousness in the conservation of the films to be transferred, which will be returned to you at end of the acquisition process.


To receive more information about our video to DVD streaming services, do not hesitate tocontact us.

Retouching and reproductions

repro copia.jpg

We carry out retouching of all kinds of your old or new photographs.

We restore

Let's duplicate

We print from any old support or negative

Contact us for a quote

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